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Candis Hidalgo

"Mary's Persuasive Bloggers mastermind group completely transformed the way I went about launching my new blog. Her techniques and resources saved me countless hours doing "busy work" and put me on the path to getting published on a top blog in my niche."

Rob StGeorge
Sapien Plus

“The world is full of millions of content writers and bloggers trying to achieve the same things by implementing "proven formulas". Mary is different, and inside her fast growing community she freely shares her unique methods of thinking outside the box. She teaches how to creatively achieve amazing goals, in short amounts of time."

Elisabeth Stitt
Joyful Parenting

"You've heard the business advice of give, give, give, give, ask? Well, Mary Fernandez just gives, gives, gives, gives and gives. Her greatest gift is in having created a space that asks everyone else to give of themselves, too–of their ideas, their time, their support, their advice."

Chris Hufnagel

“Mary instantly makes you feel at home. If you are a blogger, you need to check out Mary’s Persuasive Bloggers Facebook group. It is “blog" changing!"

Gonzalo Suarez

“I've been a member of various groups and membership sites for bloggers only, and recently discovered Mary's advice and her group... in less than 2 weeks using their ideas, I saw better results and more practical advice than in 6 months on other sites! It's a very empathetic group and it feels good to be part of it."

Noelle Cook
Building Nurses

"Mary's Persuasive Blogger mastermind group has been an incredible place to connect with the blogging community and learn from Mary herself! She's so welcoming, encouraging, and approachable. I'm so happy I was able to become part of this community. Thanks, Mary!"

Tom Lawrence

“I found when joining the Persuasive Bloggers Group that it is very interactive. Also, and most importantly, Mary Fernandez has a great message that is shared everyday. Nothing but value is added to the whole group and I am privileged to be part of it. Well done Mary and keep adding value to your tribe."

Rajkaran Singh
Onward Movement

“After reading so many blogs for bloggers, I finally found this place where I get practical help to become a successful blogger. Mary is a genius, charming and a humble mentor. She makes you feel important and like a part of the family. It's really thrilling to be a part of this community."

Philip Verghese Ariel

“Mary’s group is not yet another community. I really enjoy the amazing presence here in the Persuasive Bloggers group. If you are a blogger, you'll feel at home here! Keep it up, and wishing you all the best Mary Fernandez."

Javier Velazquez
Live Free Blogging

“In the blogging world, Mary Fernandez stands out because she truly cares about her community, giving practical advice on how to grow your blog. Mary actually teaches what's working for her not just theory, how cool is that? She's different, passionate and a giver, you can't go wrong with her being in your corner. I'm honored to be a part of her community."

Kim Willis
Persuasion Pursuit

“Mary's Persuasive Blogger mastermind group is fast growing, interactive and full of ideas. It's also a friendly place–you'll be welcomed with open arms. Mary has taken a different approach to audience and influence building, and it works amazingly well. If you like the idea of thinking outside the box to get great results, you've come to the right place."